Ser. Name in English Post/Designation Blood Group
1. MD. HASAN ALI Head Clerk O (+VE)
2. MD. ARIFUL ISLAM Accounts Officer B (+ve)
3. MD. IQBAL KABIR Office Assistant cum Accounts Assistant B (+ve)
4. MD. FIROZ MAHMUD Office Assistant cum Computer Operator A (+ve)
5. MD. YOUNUS ALI Caretaker/Security In-charge O (+ve)
6. MD. SHARIF AHMED SHAKE Library Assistant B (+VE)
7. MD. ALMAS ALI Medical Assistant O (+VE)
8. MD. AKBAR HOSSAIN Office Asst. Cum Accounts Asst.
9. S.M. SABBIR HOSSAIN Office Assistant cum Computer Operator A (+ve)
10. MD. AMINUL ISLAM Library Assistant O (+ve)
11. MD. ABDUR ROUF PA to Principal O (+ve)
12. MD. ALAL HOSSAIN Accounts Assistant Cum Comp Operator O(+ve)
13. MD. MIZANUR RAHMAN Brother/Peon A (+VE)
14. MD. SHAHIDUL ISLAM Security Guard O (+ve)
15. MD. ALAMGIR HOSSIN Brother/Cleaner B (+ve)
16. AL AMIN Brother/Cleaner O (+ve)
17. MD. NURUL HAQUE Security Guard B (+ve)
18. JIBON AHMED Security Guard A (+ve)
19. HOSSAIN MD. ERSHAD Security Guard AB (+ve)
20. DANIEL MARANDI Brother/Cleaner A (+ve)
21. SEFALI RANI Sister/Cleaner O (+ve)
22. MST. SARMIN KHATUN Sister/Aya B (+ve)
23. MARCHELINA MADDI Sister/Aya B (+ve)
24. MST. SARMIN JAHAN Sister/Aya O (+ve)
25. MST. KHURSHIDA JAHAN Sister/Aya B (+ve)
26. MD. ROBIUL ISLAM Brother/Peon B (+ve)
27. SOKHINA BISHAWAS Sister/Cleaner O (+VE)
28. HELENA BEGUM Sister/Cleaner B (+VE)
29. MD. REZA CHOWDHURY Library Attendant A (+VE)
30. MD. ABU RAIHAN Brother/Peon AB (+VE)
31. MD. MUKUL HOSSAIN Brother/Cleaner A (+VE)
32. APORNA RANI DAS Sister/Cleaner B(+VE)
34. MD. RENTU Driver B (+VE)
35. MD. HELAL SHAK Brother/Cleaner
36. MD. MORTUZA ALI Canteen Boy O (+VE)
37. MD. RUBEL ISLAM Laboratory Attendant A (+ve)
38. MD. SOHEL KHAN Laboratory Attendant O (+ve)
39. SHARIF SARKER Laboratory Attendant O (+ve)
40. MD. MOKHLESUR RAHMAN Driver A (+ve)
41. MD. SHAHIN MOLLAH Driver A (+ve)
42. BEAUTY KHATUN Sister/Aya O (+ve)
43. MD. MILAN SARKAR Brother/Cleaner B (+ve)

Total Staff: Off Super-01, Acct Off-01, Clerk-05, Med Asst-01, Lib Asst-02, Caretaker-01, PA-01, Lib Attd-01, Lab Attd-03, Driver-03, Aya-06, Peon- 03, Cln: Male-06, Female-04, Security Guard-04, Canteen Boy-01; Total- 43