Management of the Institution

The Bangladesh Army conducts 22 Public School and Colleges throughout the country. For the co-ordination of different activities of these institutions, under the guidance of a high official of the rank of Major General a central co-ordination committee is formed centrally at Army Headquarters. According to the instruction of that co-ordination committee and the patronization of the local Area Commander, Rajshahi Cantonment Public School and College will be guided. The Governing Body is approved by the Board of Rajshahi and the Chairman of this committee is an army officer of the rank of Brigadier General. An army officer of the rank of Lieutenant Colonel or Major of Bangladesh Army holds the position of Principal of this institution. Besides the Governing Body, to conduct the academic activities and decision making for the academic progress and for the supervision of its utilization an Academic Council is working.

Special Features of this Institution

  1. Importance will be given to the practice of discipline, moral values, ethics, games and sports and other co-curricular activities to trace out latent talent of the students.
  2. In the beginning of the session, academic calendar of events and syllabus will be given to the students.
  3. According to the academic calendar, all examination, co-curricular activities and other competitions will be held.
  4. Parentsai??i?? Day will be arranged for meeting with Academic Co-ordinator, Vice-Principal and the Principal.
  5. A periodical meeting will be arranged so that the parents can interact the chairman of the governing body.